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Stroke Rate - L.M. Somerton Loved it. Similar to [b:The Portrait|16247854|The Portrait|L.M. Somerton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1354731527s/16247854.jpg|22276391], which I also liked, but better. This is pretty light stuff, but totally fun and enjoyable, with very hot, and I mean HOT, sex. The BDSM elements were very user-friendly, not light so much as good-natured. I really like Somerton's submissive characters: Benedict is just plain sweet without being annoying, wussy, or burdened with some miserable back-story. It's easy to see how he can't resist Lucien, who comes at him with all the subtlety of a speeding freight train. But it's also not too great a stretch to imagine gorgeous, witty, aristocratic Lucien falling for a wall-flower like Benedict. Usually in these books, the focus is on the sub trusting the dom, but here it's almost the reverse: Ben is trustworthy, which allows Lucien to truly be himself. And Lucien as himself is a fantastic dom: fiendish but with a great sense of humor.

The results are a fun love story without a lot of gratuitous angst or ridiculous misunderstandings. One I'll definitely reread on a bad day when I need cheering up.