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Worthy - Lia Black Great little M/M slave story, very hot and kinky, with strong world-building and two believable characters. Sev, the "dreg" slaveboy, was particularly interesting to me. I really liked how the author depicted his submissiveness. Too often in M/M BDSM you feel like the subs inhabit an entirely different mental universe than the Doms--that they are somehow so weak or helpless, almost innocent, that they need someone to boss them around in order to function. Sev feels different: he definitely throws himself into his submissive relationship with Demetrie, and has compelling reasons to feel grateful to him and thus accept his domination, but there's nothing weak or helpless in his personality. He knows what he wants and isn't ashamed of his desires. He really is a remarkable creation. Considering that this is a slave story set in a deeply stratified society, I found their relationship refreshingly healthy and mutual. My only qualm was that the story contained a fair amount of unsignalled head-hopping--the perspective would suddenly change, sometimes for only a sentence or two. It makes the book feel less polished than it otherwise might. But still, a very satisfying, sexy read--and an author I will return to.