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Three words: Hot. As. Fuck.

In case that's not enough of a review: here goes. I'm not sure I totally bought the scenario--like really believed these two could be living in a nearby dorm—but I was caught up in the story, which definitely managed to feel a little bit different than the usual fare. There are no messy back stories or traumas here, no Clubs or Scenes, no real-world power differences. The characters, both college freshmen, are clean slates as far as sex goes, so the development of their D/s relationship feels unusually mutual and driven by the pure desire for pleasure rather than some deep traumatic need to give or receive pain. In some D/s stories the submissive seems to occupy an entirely different plane of existence from the dominant, like they can't think or act for themselves in any meaningful way. (I'm thinking of With a Kiss by Kim Dare since I just read it). But these two really are equals. Josh isn't trying to run Adam's life or dominate him outside of sex; there is no question that Adam is going to help decide what they're going to try, and ask for what he wants. He's submitting not obeying, I guess. I'm all for obedience, but you don't miss it here. As I said, the book is seriously hot. Highly recommend.