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The Trouble With Angel - J.M. Cartwright This book has become a definite favorite, one of those feel-good stories that I can turn to when I desperately need to be cheered up. It's a pretty simple story with no bad guys, no stupid, easily avoided misunderstandings or unnecessary conflicts. Yeah there cute kids and puppies, but I found it sweet without crossing the line into sugary.

Basically, I just loved the whole set-up. I have a weakness for stories about creating a family, which is an ongoing theme of Cartwright's, and one of the reasons her works are so enjoyable. The story definitely has a certain fairy-tale quality. Brandon is such a great guy--trying to do the right thing by two orphaned kids without a clue how to do it. His selection of the "fashionista" up-and-coming, hot-shot agent to be his parenting partner is just too priceless. But at heart Angel is a family man, devoted to his mama, loyal, caring and someone who just has a way with kids. His heated debates with 6-year-old Marisa over her color choice and "fashion disasters" and whether Shrek 2 is a good movie left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Ditto the dogs named Dolce and Gabbana.

And the chemistry between him and Brandon is hot--Brandon is an alpha, no doubt about it, but he's met his match with his prima donna, who will always give as good as he gets.

So the bottom line is I am a complete and total sucker for this book, I've read it three times already and I will keep rereading it as long as I have bad days and a working Kindle to take them away.