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One Shot - Rowan McBride Cute, quick read. I kept thinking it would get darker, but instead it got sweeter. It reminded me a lot of Kari Gregg's [b:Collared|12323770|Collared|Kari Gregg|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312768891s/12323770.jpg|17302154], (though I think One Shot was written earlier) but not nearly as psycho. Psycho that I am, I tend to go for a bit more power play, so I kept hoping to see Nick get pushed around more. Basically, Riley's a big teddy bear, and Nick's a bit neurotic and oblivious, but otherwise they're pretty adorable together. Extra points for some very sizzling office sex.

Perfect pick for a day when you want something sweet and quick that won't load you up with a lot of gratuitous angst.