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Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell A new favorite. There's an awful lot of sex here (all fantastically well written). All too often that translates into a less than convincing portrayal of the actual relationship. Not so here. This really is one of the more convincing depictions of how a real-life relationship develops--the pacing, the uncertainty, the awkwardness of moving from "just sex" to driving each other to a doctor's appointment to meeting family and friends.

Though the chemistry between Aaron and Joey is undeniable and very hot, their problems are just as palpable and convincing. If you've ever dated a very angry person you will recognize how authentic this feels: ditto if you have ever drunk til you puked after a brutal break-up and then drunk-dialed. I thought both heroes were extremely well-drawn. I adored Joey: the king of topping from the bottom, strong, opinionated, optimistic, and so confident of his own desirability. But Aaron is a great foil--so crazily sexy, so quick-tempered and unreasonable at times, but also so loyal and protective. His quiet, almost unintentional acts of affection pack more emotional punch than most romance novels can manage in 350 pages.

For once the issues that divide these two do not feel at all contrived--it almost seems like a miracle that they can actually reach the point of trusting enough to make a real commitment to each other. But when it happens it is so very satisfying. Wonderful, wonderful read.