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Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan Wonderful. I loved it. The book doesn't stray beyond the usual contemporary romance cast of two (seemingly) mismatched, damaged heroes, their advice dispensing friends, and the obligatory evil ex, but Cullinan aces the form, creating a beautiful story about healing and love without unnecessary melodrama or pumped up emotions. She draws humor from Adam's condition, without ever condescending or trivializing it. Louisa as the wise friend could have been a painful cliche but I loved every scene with her. Her knowledge is genuinely hard won, so you can't help feeling a deep respect for her, and I felt comforted that Adam had a friend like that (it's one of those books that is so involving that I really worried about him).

And then there is the sex. Holy shite is it hot. And seriously, you don't get better bedroom talk than Denver Rogers.

Great read--I can't recommend it enough.