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I had some issues but happily the slave story was the best part, and that I really liked. The work up detailing poor Corin's miserable life was pretty over-the-top. I liked the whole post-apocalyptic set up, but I would have preferred more details on how the society had been restructured and slavery reintroduced, and less of the cartoonishly evil parents. However, once Markus enters the story, things got a lot more satisfying--in more ways than one. I found the dynamic between master and slave here was great--the punishments were erotically charged and kinky, but they were also reasonable and focused, without any of the first part's gratuitous brutality. As a master Markus was just about my ideal, loyal and fair but never relaxing his authority for a second. Unlike most slave stories I've read, the moments of sentimentality do not end up totally overshadowing the discipline. And a big hurray for that.

Much as I liked the story, I found the writing itself rough--the syntax was often convoluted and not always under the author's control, and the diction was needlessly elevated (eg. arrest instead of stop). I found myself yearning for one of those dominatrix editors who could impose a little discipline at the sentence level, especially since the rest worked so well.

Bottom line: rough writing aside, the author knows how to tell an intense, imaginative, and hot slave story that avoids most of the pitfalls of the genre to create a satisfying dynamic between the two leads.