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Mine - Mary Calmes I do have a thing for stories about being in love with an unstable person and the relationship between Trevan and Landry doesn't stint. Landry is a classic piece of work in the best way, but he is also highly creative and sexy and loving. I adored Trevan's loyalty and the dominating but caring way he managed Landry's mood swings and neediness. There's nothing quite as sexy as a highly possessive alpha and Trevan is that. To my surprise, I also loved the sections on Trevan's job and the subplot about the numbers racket, the mafia war, and the character Conrad Harris. Usually subplots like that feel jacked up or like filler, but this was fascinating in its own right and also crucial to understanding Trevan. I can't say the same for the sections on Landry's family, which I found strained and unrealistic.

But despite that drawback, this was definitely a book I couldn't put down, with an especially effective portrayal of an intense relationship between a dangerous and highly possessive man and his deliciously high strung, sexy mate.