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Drawn Together - Z.A. Maxfield I loved, loved the leads. Rory is incredibly strong and sexy. Though I had my doubts about the blurb, I totally bought his relationship with Yamane every step of the way. I also loved Yamane. He's far from perfect, with the smoking and the nerves and the mini-tantrums, but he is so intelligent and talented and authentic. Seeing them fall for each other was completely satisfying.

I was much more ambivalent about the subplot with Amelia. I am not a fan of psychotic stalkers in fiction (not that I'd be a fan of them in real life, if I ever did see a real one). I get why authors use them--they create peril, and promote the display of heroics; in this the subplot had more purpose than usual, because Rory is definitely a guy with a hero complex. But mostly psychos are too convenient to be realistic, with no real motive than their own craziness and their endless need to endanger one of the main characters; they are very far from rare in romance novels, whether Het or M/M; after about the twentieth it's hard not to groan when a new one shows up.

Maxfield is a much better writer in every way than the average, and as I suggested, she does a good job with the plot line, both in terms of general tension and character development. And leaving the stalker plotline aside, I'd totally read this book again just to relive the pleasures of how Rory and Yamane's relationship develops. Bottom line: Maxfield is one of my favorite authors of contemporary M/M and this book was a great read.