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Fettered - Lyn Gala Great couple, fantastic sex--some of the best BDSM scenes I've read in ages. Vin seriously knows how to dominate, and Dylan is completely convincing as a sub--Gala manages to show why he'd crave such a thorough domination without making him seem like a mindless twink.

Dylan's passivity is obviously a defense mechanism, and something that ironically his relationship with Vin will force him to confront and to an extent overcome. A lot of the story is really concerned with Dylan's family and what happens when a family member is guilty of something really heinous. I found those dynamics very convincing, though Gary is such a complete and utter monster, that he strained credibility somewhat.

The only part I disliked was the bit with Guard, the other dom. For some reason the book seemed to veer into tendentiousness here--given that Guard is arguing for safety and communication between partners who are complete strangers, I found it odd that Gala would spend so much time criticizing him, especially given the backstory of Gary's abuse of trust and refusal to respect limits.

But given the scorching sex and intense dynamic between the leads, this book is overall a great read. Gala is turning into a new favorite author of mine.